Frequently asked questions

Is your item authentic?

Brand Off online store is operated by Brand Off, a member of the AACD(Association Against Counterfeit Product Distribution). The association's goal is to work to eliminate counterfeit and commercial fraud from being distributed in the market. So you can feel safe to buy our products. So please be assured when you shop our products.

AACD brand off co. ltd.
AACD Membership No.R-0040b
Is the item new or used?

We handle both new and used items.Please check the ranking list below for the condition of the item.

New Unused item.
Almost New As good as new with slight scratches.
Rank A Slightly used condition with few scratches and stains.
Rank B Fairly used condition with some scratches and/or stains.
Rank C Heavily used condition with obvious scratches and/or stains.
What are the payment methods?

You can choose the payment method from Bank Transfer, PayPal Payment.

See here for details

Can I specify the date and time for the delivery?

Please specify the delivery date and time between 3 to 10 business days from the date of your order.

Does the item come with accessories?

If an accessory is indicated on the item page, the item will come with it.
However, since the suppliers may have destroyed the boxes when they stock the items, the boxes or bags may not be included to some items.
Please check the item page when you place your order.

Can you gift wrap the item?

Yes, we certainly have a gift wrapping service. The service is free, so please ask when you make your order.

Can I cancel or exchange my purchased item?

Due to the nature of the product, we do not accept any cancellation nor return of items after the delivery. However, we will accept a return of the items if it is a defective item.

From how many reward points I can use for my purchase? Will there be an expiring date?

You can use your reward points from 1 point. The points are valid for one year from the date you have received the points.

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