Beware of Fake Websites Pretending to be Our Website (Brand-Off Online Store)

We have recently discovered that there are fake websites with names similar to our website or that are pretending to be our website.
These fake sites copy and use images and descriptions of our products without our permission.

There is a possibility that your personal information may be misused or that you may be the victim of fraud,
Please do not access or shop at these fake sites.
If you have any concerns, please contact us.

Characteristics of Fake Websites

The products are sold at a very low price compared to the official price.
The address and contact information of the operating company are not listed.
The contact e-mail address is a free e-mail address that can be used for free.
The payment method is only bank transfer, and the name of the account holder is different from the name of the store or the operator.
There are many mislabeling and misdescriptions on the website and in the reply e-mail, and the Japanese expressions are unnatural.
In the case of our company, most of our stock is one-of-a-kind, but a large number of items are unnaturally left in stock.

To avoid being victimized

Check the company profile and other information on the shopping site to confirm the name of the vendor, search the Internet, or check to see if the name of the vendor matches the name of the account holder of the account to which the money is to be transferred.
Check if there are any other similar websites, and check if the URL of the shopping site is correct.
Install the latest anti-virus software pattern files and do not purchase from sites that appear as dangerous.
Before purchasing a product, consider confirming that the site is operated by a legitimate vendor by calling the contact information listed on the shopping site.

August 1th, 2023
K-Brand Off Co. Ltd.

BRAND OFF is a shopping site operated by K-Brand Off Co.,Ltd. in Japan.
It deals in vintage items and antique collections, both new and used.Basically, we offer free shipping no matter where you buy, and you can also ask us about our warranty for high value items.
Please enjoy shopping with peace of mind!