About the Item

About the List Price

All list prices include tax.

Price of the item may alter without prior notice.

About the Size

The size listed on our online store page is the actual sizes of the item measured by our shop staffs.
Please note that the sizes may differ from the ones indicated by the brand manufacturer, and the measurement may differ from few millimeter up to few centimeter according to measuring conditions. Therefore, please see the sizes as a reference.

About Guarantee and Repair

We can take your request to resize wristwatch/jewelry. Please feel free to contact us.

  • If you wish to resize your watch band, please fill out the inquiry form in advance.
    * Please note that there are unadjustable items. * Some watches may need few days to resize.
  • Please note that there are Brand jewelry or designs that are unalterable regarding the sizes.
  • There is a limit to resize a ring.Please contact us for details through the inquiry form.
    * Additional costs and days will take to resize the item * The additional costs will be paid by the customer.

About Condition of the Item

Explanation for the Conditional Display of Item (Item Quality Guide)

New Unused item.
Almost New As good as new with slight scratches.
Rank A Slightly used condition with few scratches and stains.
Rank B Fairly used condition with some scratches and/or stains.
Rank C Heavily used condition with obvious scratches and/or stains.

* The term "New" refers only to the condition of the item itself.
* It may not include the condition of the box, bag or guarantee card.

The detail for the condition of each item is written separately within the item page. Please see also with the condition displayed above.

Thank you very much for coming. Please enjoy luxury brand items (Bags, Watches, Jewelry, etc) anytime you are. - Brandoff