How to Order

Step to order completion

1. Add to Shopping Cart

Click to open the product detail page of the item you want. After confirming your item, click on the “Add To Shopping Bag” button

image - Add to Shopping Cart

2. Confirm/Sign In your order

Confirm your order.
If you wish to purchase other items along with what you have ordered, click on the navigation bar at the top of the screen, and continue your shopping.

image - Confirm/Login your order1

AIf you have not completed your Membership Registration: Before Sign In

The content in the red frame "A" will appear.
If you are already a member: Enter your "Email Address" and "Password", and click "NEXT"
If you are not a member : Click "REGISTER" or "Non-member purchase procedure"

BIf you have completed your Membership Registration : After Sign In

The content in the red frame "B" will appear.
click "NEXT".

image - Confirm/Login your order2

3. Enter/Confirm your Personal Information

(1) Please enter your personal information

(2) Privacy Policy

Check "Agree" if you agree with our Privacy Policy and click "Confirm"

image - Enter/Confirm your Personal Information

4. Enter Payment/Destination

About Payment

Please choose the payment method.For types of Payment Method and details please see “Payment Methods”.

【If you will pay other than US Doller】
If we have to cancel your order because the item is already out of stock or there is a defect in the inspection, we will not be able to return the same amount you paid due to exchange rate fluctuations when you paid other than USD.
We can only refund the amount you paid, and the system does not allow us to adjust the price.
Please understand in advance.

Delivery Destination

If you wish the item to be delivered to your registered address, choose "Receipient's Address". We can also send the item to the address other than the member. For such request, please choose "Receipient's Other Address", and the input field will appear. Please enter the designated delivery destination. For information concerning the number of days for the delivery, please see "About Delivery".

About the delivery of the standard purchased item

Please choose the desired delivery date and time. For detailed hours.

Gift Wrapping

If you wish for your item to be gift wrapped, please check “Request Gift Wrapping”

image - Request Gift Wrapping

After you have entered your data, please confirm and click "NEXT".

5. Confirmation of your order

Please confirm you order.

Use of Coupons

If you wish to use coupons, please input the coupon code and click "Recalculate".

Use of Reward Points

If you wish to use reward points, please the enter the entry form in "Available Points", then click "Recalculate".

Please confirm your order, and click "Confirm".
If you wish to change your order, click "Back".

image - Confirmation of your order

Complete Order

When your order has been completed, Complete Order page will be displayed. You will then received a confirmation email from "Brand Off Online Store". Please keep the email till your ordered item arrives.

* If you do not receive the confirmation email, please check "Q&A regarding order| The email is not delivered." After we confirm the stock, we will contact you to finalize the order.

Gift Wrapping Service

If there is box/ribbon of the brand that matches the size of the item, we will offer a gift wrapping service. If there is no such box/ribbon, we will use a wrapping paper, box and ribbon which we have prepared.
If you wish to use the service for any occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas or gift to love ones, our store staff will arrange it to suite to each scene.
Please check to the check box of "Gift Wrapping" in the "Shopping Cart - Shipping / Payment method" screen, if you wish to use the service. *If you have purchased multiple items, you will not be able to select the gift wrapping separately.

image - Gift Wrapping Service

How to confirm your order

Please check "Orders Complete Email" which will be sent to your registered email address.
You can also check your order history at "Order History".
*You need to login.

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