About Registration and Points System

Registration and the Procedure

With our free membership registration, you can easily purchase our items from your PC,Smart Phone.

Change in Membership Information

You can change the following information from "Personal info".

  • Change of customer's information (name, address, phone number etc.)
  • Change of ID/Password
  • Change/Register Email address

Login is required for My Page

Customer ID

Your Customer ID will be your email address of PC, Smart Phone or cellular phone which will be needed when you login.

* You can change your Customer ID at My Page.


You will need your password to login.

Please set a password of your choice※Number of characters: 6 to 15.

About Reward Points

Rule for Point Imparting

Point Imparting Date At the completion of the purchase
Object of Point Imparting Purchase Price (Tax Included)
Not applied points used in the purchase
Valid Date Valid for one year from the point imparted date.(The points will be updated each time you are imparted.)

How to use your reward points

You can use your reward points from your next purchase by converting 1point = 1$.

How to calculate when using the reward points

Purchase Price (Tax Included) - The amount equivalent to the points to be used = Your total payment

(e.g.) If you have purchased $500 item using 50 points:
$500(price of an item) - 50(the amount equivalent to the used points) = $450(Payment amount).

How to use your reward points

When you make a purchase, click "Recalculate" after entering the points in the "Points to use" in "Confirm your order" screen.

How to Check your Reward Points

How to quickly check the available points.

You can see your available points after you have logged in.

How to check your Reward Points History in detail.

Please check at "Reward Points History" at "Rewards point/Coupon".

Notes regarding the reward points

About the followings that do not apply to the reward points to be issued.

Any handling charges, etc.
Points used in purchase.
Other things that will not be applied will be posted in online store at any time.

What happens to the points when item is returned?

The points that are issued will be cancelled.
When you have returned the item you have purchased using the reward points, the points will be retuned to you, and you will be able to use them on and after your next purchase.

Forget your Customer ID (email address)?

If you forget your registered email address, please contact us by fill out the "Inquiry".

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