Our Usage Policy

Brand Off Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") have established the rules for the service we provide through management and operation of Brand Off Online Store (hereinafter referred to as "our service") as the following in “Brand Off Online Store Terms of Service" (hereinafter referred to as "this terms"). We consider our website users to be those who have agreed to this terms of use.

Article 1:Definition

"User" refers to all peoplee who can access and receive this service.

"Members" refers to those who have agreed to all contents in this policy, and have applied for member registration according to our company's specified method, and been approved by our company.

Article 2:Range of application and Changes

This term is applied to all those who use our company and services, and they shall consent and be faithfully complied to this policy. The price listed on this service can be changed without any prior notice.

Our company can change this policy without prior consent from the users. The changes will be notified by the presentation through our company's service and they will be effective the moment the user access and view the notification.

Only the new contents will be effective after the change of the term.

Article 3:Product pricing

This term is applied to all those who use our company and services, and they shall consent and be faithfully complied to this policy.

Article 4:Purchase of product

The purchase can only by be made through the order via our internet site.

When the order through our internet site is completed, the order confirmation email will be sent from our company.

Please note that our company may notify the customers when a change in the order (payment method, shipping dates and order details) occur due to our rule, or if there is any reason we cannot receive your order.

Article 5:Returns, exchange and cancellation

Returns and exchanges shall be limited to the damage made during the delivery, product defect, shipping of wrong item and any other reason attributable to it, and also when it is declared by the customer within 3 days after the arrival of the product.

In the case of returns for the reason referred to in the preceding paragraph, our company will refund to the users after the applied product is received.

3. In the case of exchange for the reason referred to in section 1, we may not be able to exchange due to the reasons such as a shortage of the product

4. The user may request of exchange, refund and cancellation of the product for the reason referred to in section 1, following the procedure which our company has stipulated

Article 6:Change, suspension, discontinuation of the service contents

Due to our service's administration of operation, our company shall execute an appropriate change/addition or suspension and/or discontinuation of all or partial of our service without prior notice to the users in case of the following events.
Suggestion :
Disadvantage/damage to the user may occur in the event of an action taking place as a result of the below.
We accept no responsibility for any damage and/or disadvantage that occurs to the user in the event of an action taking place as a result of the below.

In case an urgent maintenance or inspection is necessary due to an event such as a system failure.

In case the service is not provided by type 1 carriers (telephone company, etc) and type 2 carrier (provider).

In case the service is not available due to fire, power outage and natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, tsunamis and other disasters).

In case the service is not available due to man-made disasters (war, riots, disturbances, labor disputes and other disasters).

In other cases our company determines it is necessary to execute.

Article 7:Membership Registration

The membership registration shall be performed by the applicant himself/herself at our Membership registration page.

If the applicant corresponds to any category in respective items of article 12 in this term (cancellation of membership), our company may deny or cancel the registration without any prior notice.

Article 8:Change of registered contents

In case all or a partial change occurs in the registered information, the member shall immediately change the registered contents according to the method specified by our company. Failure to notify us of a change to the registered contents will result in the being based on the already registered information which will be taken as proper and effective.

Article 9:ID and Password Management

The member must take responsibility to carefully store and manage his or her User ID and password set by himself/herself during the Membership Registration

The member shall not transfer, loan, disclose or leak his/her User ID and password to third parties.

The member must, without exception, bear responsibility for any failure to manage his/her user ID and password, or for any disadvantage, damage, falsification and other faults in usage of the user ID and password by the third parties

The member must contact our company immediately that his/her user ID and password have been used illegally by the third party.

Article 10:Termination of membership

The Member can cancel the membership at any time by requesting the cancellation.

Article 11:Cancellation of membership

In the event that the member corresponds to any of the following items, our company shall immediately terminate the membership without prior notice to this member.

If it is learned that the member has taken an action provided in article 12 (Prohibited activities of users) of this term.

If it is learned that the false contents are included in the information provided for the membership registration.

If it is learned that there has been a past default of the payments regarding to our service or a refusal of accepting the ordered product.

If it is learned that the member has had his/her membership terminated in the past due to the violation of this agreement.

Other reasons, which our company determines it is inappropriate for the of our service as a registered member.

Article 12:Prohibited activities of users

Regarding the user of our service, users shall in no way behave in violation of the following activities. If our company or a third party suffers damages occurred due to the violation of this agreement, the user must take sole responsibility for said damages, and that our company shall not be responsible for such damages.

Any act in violation of this agreement or laws, or any actions that will or may violate public order and standards or decency.

Any acts that interferes with the operation of our service, and other act that will or may cause difficulty in our service.

Any action that will or may cause infringement of intellectual property rights containing copyrights, etc. portrait rights, personal rights, privacy rights, publicity rights and other rights of other users, third parties or our company.

Any action that will or may smear, slander defame other users, third party parties or our company

Any action that will or may cause trouble, disadvantage or damage to other users, third party or our company.

Any action of collecting, compiling and saving other user's personal information.

Any action of using this service for commercial purposes.

Any action of using user ID or password illegally.

Other action that are deemed inappropriate by our company.

Article 13:Copyright, Trademark rights and other Intellectual property rights.

Copyright or other intellectual property rights of every information of texts and images, such as photos and illustrations (hereinafter, referred to as "contents") are the property of our company as well as of the right holders who are the providers of the contents.

It is prohibited to reproduce reprint, modify or participate in any other secondary use in any ways of the contents in whole or in part without prior consent of the owner of intellectual property rights mentioned in the preceding item.

If there is any dispute with a third party in violation of the provisions of this term, the member shall undertake to resolve the issues, and shall not cause damages, loss or disadvantages to our company in any way.

Article 14:Personal Information Management

All personal information obtained through using the service will be handled in accordance with our private policy

Article 15:Disclaimer

In no event shall our company be held liable to the following in any cases for any parties

Any damages arising from the incorrectness, inaccuracy or mistake of the information provided by our service.

Any direct or indirect damages incurred as a result of access or failure of access to our service through a third party, as well as any damages arising by reorganizing the information usually provided by our service.

Any direct or indirect damages incurred as a result of access of failure of access to our service regardless of the reason, cause, nature or result, as well as any credibility for information provided directly/indirectly through our service and damages arising by using our service.

Any damages from delay, modification, interruption, cessation or abolition related to our service, as well as from the loss of contents provided through our service, except for the reasons attributable to our company.

Our service and this term can be updated at anytime without consent of users.

Article 16:Other

Regarding the use of this service, in case where matters not provided for in this agreement or in the event a dispute arises between our company and the user, both parties shall attempt to resolve the matter through discussion

The use of our service, the construction, validity, performance and interpretation of these terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan, and when a need for judicial action arises in connection with this term, the Tokyo District Court shall be the agreed court of jurisdiction.

Established in may 15th, 2017

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