why Hermes is something that is inspirational.

In 1837, Thierry Hermes has established a workshop for high-quality harness in Paris, France.
He then foresaw the decline of harness, and moved to the business for leather products such as bags and wallets, which made a great success.
It then established a top long-established brand with a concept of "Tradition of craftsmanship" and "Joy of travelling"
which is supported by many fans from all over the world.


One the longed Hermes popular handbag.
It is also famous for a bag that is created for a French actress, Jane Birkin in 1984.
It is strong and has a wide opening, which can hold many things.
Not more than that, but the design with a classical atmosphere makes it a popular bag.



It was created based on HAUT A COURROIES.
Grace Kelly who became a Princess of Monaco used the bag regularly,
and it was named so when she used it to hide her stomach from paparazzi when she was pregnant.
It is a longed item with an effortless elegance and the difference in outer and inner sewing which makes it more feminacy.



It is very popular among other wallets, and the beauty of the buckle design "H" for the belt, and a high quality leather makes it attractive.



The fact that it stores quite well and the great functionality makes it popular. The slim and also rare design for Hermes creates an elegancy.



We also have many other items such as garden party, scarf, watch, accessory, key holder, and ties.


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